Subterranean Ether

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  1. Stalwart Innocence Luke the Lone Buy 7:43
  2. ODE Luke the Lone Buy 4:10
  3. Guitar Sextet Luke the Lone Buy 3:15
  4. An Imperfect Life Luke the Lone Buy 9:20


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Luke the Lone’s debut release collects four widely diverse tracks showcasing the eclectic variety of Luke’s style, from the orchestral tone poem of “Stalwart Innocence” to the progressive rock journey of “An Imperfect Life,” from the brooding synthesized meditation of “ODE” to the delicately balanced interlocking guitars of “Guitar Sextet.”

Additional Info:

All tracks composed, recorded, and performed by Luke Simpson.
Tracks 1 and 4 mixed and mastered by Channel Fuse Media.
Tracks 2 and 3 mixed by Christopher “H2o” Nuño and mastered by Channel Fuse Media.
“An Imperfect Life” includes a quotation of “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” by Georges Bizet. (That’s the famous Habanera from Carmen, in case you were wondering.)

Art by Cellusious.