The Lone

Luke the Lone is the solo music project of Luke Simpson, composer, musician, and occasional armchair philosopher.

“But what do you mean, ‘The Lone’? Is this Luke guy some kind of loner?”

No, don’t worry! It isn’t anything like that. He’s not some kind of curmudgeon holed up in his castle shooting disapproving glares at the kids treading on his overgrown lawn. He’s just your normal friendly neighborhood solo artist, recording eclectic and unique music and putting it out there for you, his legions of sophisticated and discerning fans, to listen to and enjoy.

Luke found his love for music at a very young age. As a teenager, he spent many an afternoon playing guitar after school and deeply immersed in learning to write more inventive and interesting music with every spare moment available to him. Accordingly, upon graduating from high school he went straight into a program studying Music Composition at the University of Redlands. He finished his degree in 2006 and then promptly bonked his head on a low hanging steel girder, immediately forgetting all about his musical ambitions.

Well, fortunately in 2017 he had another fateful encounter with—would you believe it—the very same steel girder, and it seems this has jogged his memory. So now he’s back at it, composing music day in and day out, and luckily for you, now he’s actually equipped for recording it.

Wouldn’t you like to hear what he’s working on? Head over to the Music page, or just use the music player in the bar at the bottom of your screen, and take a listen!